Friday, April 29, 2011

Car shopping UGH!

 Today we finally bit the bullet.  We bought a second car.  We have needed one, well ever since 2009 when the Kia Sephia we had died.  It has been more and more that we need one lately.  Especially with softball three times a week and all my doctor appointments.  So after Brian had been looking for quite a while he sent a dealer an inquiry.  Of course they got back to him quickly, they want our money. lol  They got us financed again through the same loan company we currently have.  They aren't terrible but the interest is always high.  Of course that is due to our less than stellar credit score.   So we bought a 2000 Honda Accord.  It's nice especially for being 11 years old.
  The one thing I dislike the most about buying cars is the waiting. I am a person patience,but it really wears on my nerves.  I car sales time just a minute equals an hour.  I got to the dealership.  Brian walked over since they are real close to our house and I picked up Annie.  We get there and I am supposed to just sign a few papers and we can leave with it. HA!!! Try an about 70 minutes later.  My day doesn't have over an hour of free time to waste at a dealership.  The little girls of course were bored but hey so was I.  They have a playroom at this particular dealership, but I am weary of playrooms like that after Annie got sick playing in a hospital one.  We tried watching a movie on my phone but that literally lasted 7 minutes.  They had the super tall chairs where the legs are really tall.  The girls wanted to play on them instead of sitting.  Too bad, we don't have time for a car dealership and a ER visit today. hehehe   Iris started to get grumpy because it was past our usual lunch time.  We signed as quick as possible to avoid the impending Iris meltdown.  We finally got to leave with the car and the keys.   We went to lunch a  local fast food place called Burgerville.  Just barely missing a meltdown.  Now I have a happy husband! YAY!  Another yay I can put Iris to bed right after softball.  She really needs it today!! Someone is super cranky and it's not me.

Patience and years will refashion what hours will undo." ....311

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