Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Here we go again

      Here we go again, school time.  For everyone except Iris. It is going to very busy around here.  I am also trying to do special things with Iris so she doesn't feel too left out.  The first week her sisters were in school she was upset because she missed them :(  Today her and I made chocolate chip cookies.  I'm told they taste great, I don't care for chocolate chip cookies. But most importantly she got to have fun and have some special time with me.  Both older girls are doing really good in school thus far. I was supposed to start Monday but the online portion of the school is down.  All my classes are online by the way. My teachers have all emailed my classes and gave us things to start on.  I'm not to concerned with my writing or psychology class but I don't wanna get behind or lost in math this early. 

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