Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Battle of the bath

It's becoming more and more frequent.  The battle of the bath.  It isn't only with Iris either.  Although my two battles are different they are both still challenging.    The battle with Iris is to get her to take a bath or shower with out screaming.  She wants soo badly to wash herself.  Hair included.  The problem is she doesn't get everything clean and, or rinsed out.  So she requires help.  Better have ear plugs in when you start helping her because cue the screaming.  Alot of yelling " I can do it myself" or the "noooooo!".   I always just keep washing and rinsing so we can get it over with.  I used to try to reason or even coax her in to letting me help but it always ended with screaming.    Now when I mention taking a bath she starts to argue right away.  We get in the bathroom.  Which now is a whole new set of challenges since she saw a tiny spider in there once.  She will choose a bath then say no I want a shower.  So I used to oblige her to hopefully make things go smoother.  It doesn't.  Once the shower gets turned on she cries for a bath.  That's where I draw the line.  She just gets a bath and a quick one.  Wham bam thank you ma'am we are done.    With Emily the challenge is to get her to take one.  You would think a fourth grader would have enough sense to take a bath or shower regularly.  Not mine.  I have to ask a few times a week if she has showered lately.  Most time she can't remember.  Which means she must need one. The weekend is especially bad since I work the weekends and she is on her way to bed when I get home.  Not too long ago I tried to get some fuzzy out of her hair and noticed the texture.  That of a greasy teenager ewww.  I think I may have to mark on the calender when she showers so we have some reference.   It would be much easier if we weren't on the go soo much.  There isn't time to shower after softball since we get home close to nine most nights.  With bed time at 7:30 we are already running late.  Showering before softball seems a bit silly since she will be getting sweaty and dirty.  We used to do it before school but she is soo slow to get going in the mornings. She gets it from me lmao. Seriously it takes her 45 mins to get dressed, eat cereal, and brush her teeth and hair.    So I guess the battle of the bath continues......

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