Monday, May 2, 2011

It Never Ends....

It never ends, the stories I mean.  My kids have this knack of making a two minute story into a fifteen minute speech.  The other day Emily was trying to tell me about how her friend was super hyper in class.  She couldn't sit still etcetera.  Instead of Mom today so and so was soo hyper she couldn't hardly sit still.  It went on for fifteen minutes.  I'll admit that I quit  really paying attention at about the four minute mark.  Not that her day isn't important. I just don't really want a 20 explanation that could have been done in five minutes.  Is it just me?  I know one of these days she won't tell me anything, because she will think she's too grown up.  Now her little sister has pick up this forever story telling.  I'm attempting to nip it in the bud.  I nicely ask what is she trying to say. Well on the other end we have Iris.  She never gives enough info. lol  She will say " Mom why don't you wear that shirt any more?"  Um ok which shirt?  The more you ask her the less info you get.  I know it seems weird. But she just keeps repeating the same thing.  You ask what shirt, she says you know the one.  Umm surrrre.  I guess this house needs some communication help.  Well at least the kids ;)

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