Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Winds of Change

  Things are changing around here, and hopefully for the better.    First off I had a hysterectomy last week.  It should take away most of my  physical problems.  So far besides pain from surgery and being sore I feel better.  Although it hasn't quite sunk in that we won't be having anymore kids. I *know* we can't physically but I keep dreaming about being pregnant.  Funny right.  Maybe it's just the pain meds giving me these dreams.  I don't usually dream at all.
  Tomorrow is my first post op appointment.  Fingers crossed it goes well.  I still have one ovary so hopefully I won't need any hormone replacement.  We will see though.  My body doesn't like to do what it is supposed to.
  Another change occurring is I will be going back to school the end of June. This means both my husband and I will be in college.  He has been going the last two terms.  We are both going for a Associates in Applied Science for Nursing. All of my classes for the upcoming term are online.  That way I can still be home with the kids without disrupting the house too much.  Well that's what aiming for.  I will probably be doing all my work after the kids go to bed.  I plan to do as much of my studies online as I can.  So lots of big changes in our future but hopefully it will make our future brighter and easier.  All I can do is trust my gut and do what we think is best.

"You've got to trust your instincts and let go of regret, You've got to bet on your self now star, cause that's your best bet."   All Mixed Up .... 311


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