Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Six Weeks Later

It has now been six weeks since my hysterectomy.  It feels like it has been six months.  I'm guessing all the restrictions make it feel that way, no lifting, no bending, no twisting and etc.  Basically don't do anything.  BORING! After the pain of surgery went away I felt soo much better.  Even better after the doctor's office realized they never gave me hormones to level out my imbalance.  I have way more energy, I sleep better and I don't constantly feel sick.  The kids are loving their "new" mom and of course so is my husband. We walk to the park to play; we bake and do fun stuff.  Stuff I never felt well enough to do before or had to force myself to do.  It's amazing how a uterus can cause someone soo much grief.
Of course I am sad that I will never have another baby of my own but I have three I can deal with it.



"It's alright to feel good. It's alright for nothing to be wrong."