Friday, June 24, 2011

Too much coffee

Wait strike that not coffee coughy. It's a family joke. My younger ones couldn't say coughing so it turned in to coffee. So now the joke is they had too much coffee.
We have all cycled through what we refer to as summer colds. Yuck!! Every summer we a get one. Usually later in the summer. I think the not so hot summer we are having in the pacific northwest is what caused it. We generally get them at the end o summer when the cool down starts. Iris, my youngest, has the last and what seems to be the worst. We are on night 3 of coughing all night. Poor baby:( we have tried four different cough meds but none seem to work completely. My husband went and got some dylsem tonight. Tha fully it's working fairly well. It should it's twice the cough expectorant. That and a humidifier seem to be doing the trick. I was leavin the window open a tad but since we have a couple neighbors who smoke that's out the window. I don't want to exacerbate her coughing with second hand smoke. Hopefully this will end soon so we can all be well and make the best of the summer. You know when the sun actually comes out.

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