Thursday, June 30, 2011


Some days I feel like the kids and the Weimaraner have a bladder the size of a pea.  Generally I wouldn't mind, but days when we are out and about it seems like we are going every two minutes.  We ask before we go to Wal*Mart they say no.  We make it half way through the store and one of the kids has to go, so of course you ask who else has to go.  Of course everyone answers no.  Fine and dandy, until you are next in line at the check out scoping out the chocolate you should be eating and low and behold someone needs to go potty.  This isn't always bad mostly when you are the only adult shopping with three kids.  My oldest isn't quite old enough in my opinion to take herself or her sister to the bathroom.  Maybe 15 years ago but not these days.  So then the question becomes, do you try to go and make it back before its your turn?  Or do have them hold it and wait for the best?  Either option is a crap shoot really.   Then comes the dog.  I love the little guy, he gets treated like a actually child. We live in an apartment on the second floor. So taking the dog out is not just letting him out in to the yard.  I wish but houses to rent in our area are waaay over priced.  So I end up taking out our Weimaraner.  My oldest used to take out the dog out as well but he weighs twice what she does so if another dog comes along she gets dragged along for the ride.  So in order to take him out to do his business I have to lock the door and take my keys and then walk him, and keep an eye on the house.  Yeah I basically don't trust 95% of my neighbors.  I take him out four or five times a day.  That used to be all he would indicate that he needed but lately he wants out like every five minutes.   So at first we took him out when ever but now he just walks around sniffing the air.  Little bugger. So now its more of every few hours thing.  I'm just wondering about summer vacation.  Will we make to our destination with out a billion stops? Maybe I need to buy a potty chair
, just kidding.  Although I may buy some chucks for the car seats, in case we can't find a restroom in time.

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