Sunday, July 3, 2011

A director in training?

I think I may have a couple of future directors in my house.  My two littlest girls have in my opinion, a odd way of playing.  They like to pretend like all kids, the difference is that they like to give directions.  I hear things like  " OK now you come through the door and pretend to be the teacher.  You are gonna teach us a song."  I didn't play like that is a kid.  I hear things like that from both of the younger girls all day.  It cracks my up.  The only time it isn't funny is when they disagree how to play.  It can get heated.  One girl wants to be a teacher while the other wants to be Rapunzel.  It makes me wonder if they will grow up to be the next Steven Spielberg and direct a great movie like ET.  Some days I try to get it on "film" with my digital camera but I'm never sneaky enough.


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