Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer is here =]

Finally summer is here. Yay! The sun was out and shinning, it was warm.  We loved it, including Noah.  Poor little pup is exhausted after playing in the sun.  He's snoring on the couch as I type.  We tried to swim at our community pool but fail it was closed for maintenance.  So we headed over to my husband's uncle's house.  They have above ground pool at their house.  It's something like 10ft by 30 inches so perfect for the kids.  We lubed the kids up with Coppertone baby sunscreen since the spray on stuff doesn't work.  We bought that Banana boat spray on 50spf in the spring during softball season.  Let me just say don't waste your money.  We spray our oldest and us with it and we all fried.  Basically useless.  The kids played and we visited with the family.  It was fun.  Noah really enjoyed playing with their dogs in their backyard.  Then we picked up Chinese food for me and pizza for everyone else.  Oh and by the way, I love Safeway.  I don't usually shop there but i happened to be across the parking lot and thought I'd see if they had something I had been searching for.  They did!!!!   I finally found E.L. Fudge cookies by Keebler.  I know what your thinking no big deal.  I have been to 4 different stores and they are the only ones in my neighborhood that carry them. I've already eaten too many.  The weather is going to be soo nice for the next week.  I'm excited to be able to have my windows open and not freeze.  It was almost 80 today and perfect :D  I can't wait to do tons of swimming and park time.  Maybe some picnics and definitely a lot of bbqing.  Summer is hear and since it is not a here in the NW very long we will be taking full advantage!

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